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2024 Events

  • January 08th - February 12th - Janne Lesonen - Course: Improv 201 - Playing the Scene
  • March 4th - Jutta Tilvis - Improv Lab: Archetypes
  • March 9th - Members Night
  • March 25th - Pyry Qvick - Improv Lab: Emotion-Focused Scene Starts
  • April 15th - Ulla Oksanen - Improv Lab: TBD
  • May 6th - Patrik Alapirtti - Improv Lab: TBD
  • May 27th - Janne Lesonen - Improv Lab: TBD
  • October 3rd-5th - Tampere Improv Mini Festival 2024

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About us

The mission of Finland Improv ry is to support Finland's improv community by creating opportunities for improvisers of all levels to play, connect and grow. We operate in Tampere in two languages: Finnish and English.

We focus on building the local improv community stronger by providing more local events and networking opportunities for improvisers in Tampere and in Finland.

Jutta Tilvis
Other board members
Janne Lesonen
Kate Limani
Louise Settle
Patrik Alapirtti
Trent Pancy